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The Original, Caribbean All-Over-Tee Brand.


About US

Who we are has a lot to do with where we come from. Our team hails for the land of calyspo, soca and pan, Trinidad and Tobago. We believe in the importance of Caribbean nation pride, unity and love. We want to promote and share the vibrancy of our cultures with Caribbean foreign nationals living abroad. Our products and services will be essentially for us by us without watering it down. We’re planning to offer products and services through our online store soon.  Keep us in mind for your casual streetwear, gifts and cultural expression.


Rooted In Our Culture


The richness of the West Indian culture is evident around the world and we draw our inspiration from the cultural heritage of the entire Caribbean, particularly from that of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad’s Carnival has inspired dozens of similar events around the globe. Although Brazil’s Carnival has similarities and connections, Trinidad’s style of street parade and masquerading serves as the template to follow around the globe. We draw influence from the rawness, freshness and vibrancy of our customs back home. 

We all agree that you cannot replicate the magnitude of Trinidad’s Carnival outside of the islands.  However, we can tap into its energy and vibes and use it as inspiration to celebrate who we are. Even though time will change how we navigate the world through technology and communication, we will underscore, through Ni-Ce-Tees, that we stay grounded in our rich and diverse cultural heritage.


Meet Our Muse - Diann Marshall


Known as the undeniable queen of the road. Diann is an actress, dancer, costume designer, and cultural ambassador, to name a few talents. This renaissance woman brings the energy to any cultural event she’s a part of. She’s the reason why our traditions are admired and infectious around the world. We are proud to have her as a member of our team. Diann serves largely as our cultural curator and guide. If you’ve been to Baltimore Carnival, you’ve seen her on the road. She works under the name, Flambé.  Get in contact with us to book her for your next event.


Ni-Ce-Tees Team

The Ni-Ce-Tees Team joined together to bring a new perspective to our cultural identity. We’re passionate about where we come from and want to share our culture in an authentic way. We believe if we don’t take aesthetic control of who we are, we allow others to one day treat our traditions as novelty. We’re committed to providing great products and experiences to better connect our community to their essence. 



Founder &
Creative Director

Romain serves as the mastermind, tech nerd and branding specialist. She attempted to launch this idea five years ago but realized it was easier said than done. Like all good things, the idea never died so together with team members the seeds were planted for 2018. Romain’s background is in corporate branding and design.



Lead Costume Designer
& Curator

Diann is our lead costume designer and cultural curator. Aside from designing the grand mas that will lead our section, she will also serve as the chief masquerader, playing the big costume without missing a beat.  Diann brings the energy every time, every year.



Art Director &
Marketing Outreach

Kamishia is another renaissance woman in our crew. She’s a teacher by day, fine artist, costume designer, fashionista and cultural connector. She’s our go-to for community outreach, project management, promotions, and costume design. Many know Kamishia as a dedicated creative who gets the job done.